The Church of St. Nicolai in Kalkar is the principal sight of the town. Built in the 15th century, it is a plain, tall building from the outside. However, inside all manner of riches can be found. There are many carved altars and statues in the church which were made in the town and are now considered priceless. Among the most notable are Henrik Douverman’s ‘Altar of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin’ and ‘St. Mary Magdalene’, and Jan Joest’s ‘Passion Altar’ which depicts Kalkar Markt. St. Nicolai is now designated as a church museum.

Kalkar’s City Museum (Städtisches Museum) is located in the centre of town, close to the Town Hall. It was founded in the 1960s in a wonderful old building. The museum displays items and exhibits on the history of the town, dating back to the Middle Ages. It also has a healthy collection of 20th century art on display,

Close to Kleve is the castle at Moyland, which is a wonderful moated building still standing strong today, with towers and turrets. The castle is open to the public, with many of its restored interiors and furnishing open. It also houses a modern art collection, with around 4,000 works in its collection by the artists Joseph Beuys amongst the attractions. Outside, the castle’s gardens are wonderful for a stroll, and still as magnificent as in their heyday.

One of the main attractions in Emmerich is the Rhine Museum, situated naturally alongside this famous river. The museum uncovers the history of the Rhine, and the course it runs. It also covers the historical connection of the river with the town of Emmerich. Amongst the collections on display are a 1-man U-Boat, a shipping radar system, a collection of anchors, and around 130 models of ships. The museum covers three floors. There is an exhibition on the centuries-old fishing trade on the top floor.

Rees possesses one of the most beautiful Rhine promenades in Germany, with restaurants and cafes arranged along the riverbank.Boat tours on the Rhine river can be taken from the small shipping pier. The town has a sculpture park where artists from Germany and the Netherlands are exhibited.