Archery Attack

Archery attack is the craze of the moment!

Attack your colleague, best friend, neighbour, sister or boss with bow and arrow! In a formidable battlefield, you and your teammates will compete against your opponents! Archery Attack brings you the exciting paintball game experience, but without the associated paint and bruises! And... whereas everyone is familiar with paintball by now, Archery Attack is still brand new in the region! The arrows have a soft fuse point, which allows you to shoot at the targets of the opponents. The first team that has tagged all targets of the opponent, wins the battle!

What's in store for you during Archery Attack?

You will receive a detailed tutorial about Archery attack. We start with a practice round in which everyone learns to aim. One by one you may try to shoot different items from your target. Once everyone has grasped the skills, we go into the field where there are multiple obstacles. We do several games with the final game being The Battle! As a team you have the objective to eliminate everyone or to hit all the spots of the 5-spots target! A true end-game! Will your team be the winner of this cool and sporty activity?

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