Beat the Box!

Beat the Box! The awesome teambuilding outing!

Cooperation is 'the key to success'! Beat the Box compels participants to cooperate in a fun and relaxing way. The clock is ticking and in the background you can hear an exciting sound excerpt. Each team is at their Box and have to crack the 1st code to open the Box... Several containers with locks come out of the Box. The battle begins. Riddles, puzzles, codes, cryptograms and more! Which team manages to open all the boxes? A super challenging teambuilding activity!

What's in store for you during Beat the Box?

A detailed explanation of the game follows. Then teams are formed, so that you know with who you will go into battle. After that, you receive one hour to unlock all boxes. By solving all kinds of riddles, puzzles, codes, cryptograms and more you get a new code or number combination. Has your team opened the last box? Then you are crowned winner of the day.

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