Boys vs. Girls

The boys against the girls is a quiz full of stereotypes... Are these stereotypes true? Fight the age-old battle between men and women with your team!

There is no struggle so typical and of all times as the struggle between men and women. The stereotypes are obvious: men, for example, can park better and only do one thing at a time. Women talk more easily about emotions, but they are bad at reading maps. It is precisely these differences that create a field of tension and the enjoyable discussions among each other. TB Events has developed the quiz the boys vs. the girls, so that the battle between men and women can be decided once and for all!

What awaits you during the quiz The boys vs. the girls?
Your group will be given a detailed explanation of the game. Then we divide the group into a men's and a women's team. Tension rises and prejudices grow... The quiz consists of several rounds and the groups will have to empathise with the opposite sex to win. Every round the teams have to ask themselves how the women would solve it and how the men would do it. The team with the most empathy earns the most points and wins the quiz. This team gets a nice prize to take home.

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