Casino evening

Super exciting group outing to the casino

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". This famous statement is typical of the exciting and unexpected possibilities that the American mecca has to offer in regards to casinos and entertainment. Our Las Vegas casino night will bring you closer than ever!

This company outing has all the ingredients to make the evening a smashing hit: excitement, sociability and luck, but above all a lot of fun.

What can you expect from the Las Vegas casino evening?

We start with an extensive explanation of the games. Poker, Blackjack and Roulette require a lot of insight and skills, in which your team will be trained tonight. Everyone gets a basic deposit of 10 chips. As we play for the game and not for the marbles, the stakes are fictitious. The winner is crowned millionaire of the day, so in reality there is never a big loser at the end of the evening.

You're going to play. Is it a matter of chance or do you decide your own fate? As the evening progresses, you will learn the tricks of the trade. Of course it is possible to 'buy in' chips, but this will be registered. At the end of the casino evening, the star player with the biggest win is determined.

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