Drone flying workshop

The most original, coolest and funniest outing of the moment! The drone flying workshop is a hype you have to experience with colleagues, friends or family!

Drone flying is the craze of this moment. It is almost impossible to imagine the life devoid of drones. Various organisations such as the police and the fire brigade make frequent use of it. However, drone flying is also very popular with private individuals. Make fun videos and pictures from the air and learn to fly like a real drone pilot!

What is waiting for you during the drone flying workshop?

Of course the instructions and safety regulations will be discussed. As a team you will learn the basic skills of flying with a drone. When everyone has reached the skill level PRO, we will start flying through a great obstacle course: let the games begin!

One by one you will try to earn points for your team. It's going to be a real battle! Fly under beams, through hoops, along poles and more! Who turns out to have the best skills and becomes the drone pilot of the day? A super cool and unique outing that you must have done! We also make a nice movie of the day with the images your team made with the help of the drone. Always very nice to look back on!

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