Expedition Robinson

Let yourself be surprised during this sporty outing! Very suitable as a company outing or bachelor party.

Are you fit, in control of your body and mentally strong? Then play Expedition Robinson and go into battle with, but also against, your teammates! Different camps compete against each other in Robinson tests and elimination tests: Which team deserves something extra and which team will have to go to the island council?

During the merger at the end, everyone plays for themselves. An immunity test determines who cannot be voted out at the next island council. An important tool to become the winner of Expedition Robinson! Then follows the spectacular finale: several challenging tests must be performed successively. Who is the fastest and runs off with the first prize?

What's in store for you during the Robinson Expedition outing?

Perform fun and above all challenging activities with your team. Beat the others but don't forget that you are playing for yourself. Earn points, food and drinks, contact moments with your loved ones and make sure you're not eliminated! One moment of weakness can cost you your head!

The Robinson Expedition consists of several parts. Concentration and body control are the main ingredients for this sporty outing. A combination of endurance, hardship and eating tests make the Expedition Robinson outing a real challenge!

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