An active outing where cooperation comes first!

An active hexathlon with all kinds of sports and games! Work together with your team, because you can't take on the challenge on your own! This will be accompanied by plenty of challenges and hilarious moments that you'll never forget. 

What awaits you at the Hexathlon?

The group is divided into several teams, after which the battle will commence! Which team has the right combination of strength, tactics and perseverance? The hexathlon will consist of the following activities:

• The world ball: one participant balances on a mega ball while traversing an obstacle course;
• Skii walking: the whole team takes on a course whilst on interconnected skis. Which team is the first to reach the finish line?;
• Tug of war: pull your opponents across the line, particularly for the real musclemen;
• Bridge building: get your team across through good and smart cooperation;
• Stretcher race: always hilarious, who is the first to have a teammate on the other side?
• Track and flying carpet: make sure you listen to each other and move at the same time in order to be the fastest on the track.

The theme of the day is as follows: Stronger together as a team! Who will be the winner of this sporty outing?

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