Highland games

Let go of the Scot in you during this fun and sporty company outing.

The highland games are a global concept. Once upon a time, 4000 years ago, these games invariably started after the autumn hunt. Scottish clans then went into battle to show who was the strongest. Scotland alone has more than 200(!) highland games. That's logical, because the games unite all the disciplines that a good team game has: strength, teamwork, communication skills, team spirit and a lot of fun! It's no coincidence that the highland games are a real teambuilding activity for groups and companies! A wonderful sporting day out for you and your employees.

What's in store for you during the highland games?

Before we let go of the primeval man in you, your team will be given a detailed explanation of the game. Then we'll form teams and the battle will break out! The tournament consists of a number of different power struggles:

  • Throwing a jute bag
  • Hammer throwing
  • Tug of war
  • Tree trunk throwing
  • Shot-put
  • Sawing
  • Timber race
  • Tack game

With the loud cheers (and lots of laughter) of your fellow fighters, each team goes through the ordeals.

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