The phone

It's all about that one phone call...

You know them, those crucial phone calls that make you shiver with nerves. Citygame The Phone runs on this tension and the phone plays a leading role. The game is based on the television program of the same name. Together with your team, you enter the city* to perform tasks that you receive via the phone. You will receive an instruction for each successfully completed task. The better the interaction, the more instructions you will receive from the phone. These instructions will help you find the secret hiding place of the treasure. Unless another team arrives earlier...

What will happen to you during the game 'The phone?'

After an extensive explanation of the game, teams are formed and you enter the city. Through The Phone you will receive various assignments and questions. Perform the tasks or answer the questions. You can also score photo points for extra clues by locating certain objects in the city and capturing them on photo. The more clues, the more likely you are to find the treasure!

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*All city games are offered on the site of Wunderland Kalkar. If desired, it is of course also possible to organise the city games in one of the nearby cities. Transport costs are for your own account.