VR murder game

Virtual Reality murder game, will you solve the mystery?

Your company will be welcomed with open arms. Then we make teams. You barely sit at the table when suddenly there is a crime, in front of your eyes!

What awaits you during the VR-Murdergame?

In broad daylight a rich hotel owner is found dead! Murdered in his own hotel... Who has this brutal murder on his or her conscience? Why and how did it happen?! Step into a virtual world to find clues, solve tricky riddles and unravel the mystery! At the end of the game the truth will be revealed. Your answers will be reviewed and the winning teams will receive an appropriate gift. Thanks to you, the virtual world has become a little safer again!


15 - 19 persons €36,00 p.p.

20 - 29 persons

€34,00 p.p.
>30 persons €32,00 p.p.

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