Who discovers the traitor?

A very exciting company outing!

The game 'Who discovers the traitor?' is the best running company outing of TB Events. It contains all the elements to make a group outing or teambuilding activity a resounding success! You and your team will go on the road in a city* of their choice. You fulfil various tasks in order to collect points. But one of your team members is the traitor and he or she will do everything possible to sabotage your mission. Through clever teamwork and a healthy team spirit, you will be able to expose the traitor. But who can you trust...?

What awaits you during the game 'Who discovers the traitor?'

You will receive a detailed explanation of the game, after which teams will be formed. The traitor is not easy to catch, so you and your team are well prepared to go on the road. Each team has a standard game equipment:

  • camera
  • A book with a cryptic route
  • Checkpoint maps
  • A collection of team assignments
  • Question cards
  • Secret missions

Then you and your team go out and follow a cryptic route. While you follow the route, let yourself be surprised by the puzzles. And of course score points! At the end of the game you will return to the starting point. While enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of soda, the results are calculated and the winner is determined. And just as important: who was the traitor and what kind of tricks did he play?

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*All city games are offered on the site of Wunderland Kalkar. If desired, it is of course also possible to organise the city games in one of the nearby cities. Transport costs are for your own account.