Ranking the company

Do you know everything about your colleagues and/or friends? Ranking the Company is the best way to get to know each other... Of course, Ranking the Company is also the ideal way to get to know new people!

Each participant receives a survey with a number of questions in advance. On the basis of questions such as "Who has the best excuses?" they have to "rank" themselves and their fellow players. They make a top 10 in which they put the other players and themselves in the right place, according to their own opinion and insight. On 1 you put the one who in your opinion always has the best excuses and on the 10th place the one who always sinks through the ice when he or she tries to get out of something. This way, a top 10 is made per question asked. Here are the questions that are asked, and the answers are often hilarious: 

Who gets coffee most often?

  • Who will be the last to go home after a drink?
  • Who has the best excuses?
  • Who makes the most blunders?
  • Who is most chaotic?
  • Who can park the worst?
  • Who gossips the most?
  • Who is late most often?
  • Who is most vain?
  • Who is always there for someone else?

Of course you are free to come up with your own (personal) questions. Is there something going on in the company or in the group of friends at the moment? Let us know and we will include this in the questions. Ranking the company guarantees a hilarious teambuilding or group outing!

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